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October-December 2020  | Vol 15 | Issue 4
Technical Report
Split cord malformation type 1 (bony spur) excision using microrongeur
Dattatraya Muzumdar, Hardik Darji
Split cord malformation is well documented and reported in various case series and reports in the literature. The excision of bony spur in type 1 split cord malformation is challenging due to the intr...
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Review Article
Magnetic resonance imaging findings in fetal corpus callosal developmental abnormalities: A pictorial essay
Cindhya Manor, Rajeswaran Rangasami, Indrani Suresh, Sudarshan Suresh
The corpus callosum is the principal supratentorial cerebral commissure, which connects the two cerebral hemispheres in the midline. It is divided into rostrum, genu, body, and splenium. Affected pati...
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Review Article
Outcomes of Chiari malformation III: A review of literature
Mohammad Elbaroody, Hossam Eldin Mostafa, Mohamed F M Alsawy, Mohamed E Elhawary, Ahmed Atallah, Mohamed Gabr
Purpose: Chiari malformation type III (CM III) is the rarest type compared to other types of CMs. CM III usually reported as sporadic case reports which reflect the rarity of this anomaly. We r...
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